About Us

ABBA Investments Group LLC is a real estate company that owns and develops a diverse real estate portfolio including single family, multi-family and commercial properties. Currently our portfolio is concentrated in Dallas County, Collin County and Los Angeles County in the states of Texas and California . Our commitment is to exceed our customers expectations with providing an excellent living environment and unsurpassed service. – Because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts crying, “Abba!” “Father”– Galatians 4:6 NASB

 Robin Tumax – Managing Member

Robin is the managing member of ABBA Investments Group LLC. He has undertake all aspects of the acquisitions, redevelopment, finances and management of the asset portfolio. Robin graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Major in Economics and Minor in Business. Robin enjoys reading, exercising and spending time at home with his fiancé and dog Gondosh.





Joel Tumax – President

Joel is the President and Founder of ABBA Investments Group LLC. He is a businessman, investor and philanthropist. Joel received his certification in Engineering from Richland College. Joel enjoys painting, reading and spending time with his wife and grandchildren.





Astrid Tumax – Vice President

Astrid is the Vice President of ABBA Investments Group LLC.  Astrid received her certification in Accounting from NSDR College in Guatemala. Astrid enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family.






Michelle Tumax Puckett – Committee Member

Michelle is a Committee Member of ABBA Investments Group LLC. She received her certification from Collin College. She enjoys spending time with her children.